Westley Middle School

Our Vision & Values

The Westley Vision

Westley Middle School is a special place. It is a unique school full of wonderful people. We want everyone to be `proud` to be part of Westley Middle School.

The values of potential, respect, opportunity, understanding and diversity (PROUD) are at the core of everything we do and are promoted during assemblies.

Our values are built around 5 attributes that we expect to see in all students if they are to be successful. These are below :

PotentialWe want you to reach your full potential
RespectRespect each other and the environment at all time
OpportunityMake the most of huge range of opportunities offered at Westley
UnderstandingAn understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live
DiversityTo celebrate the rich diversity we have at Westley

Our Priorities

Our main priority is to ensure that remarkable development happens for each child through consistent experience of good or outstanding lessons. Westley is an ambitious and adventurous school with the capacity to review, reflect and advance: we see challenges to overcome, not barriers to impede progress . Not only do we plan to improve across this year, we are prepared for sustained future progress. Our vision for the next three years is as follows:

  • For Westley Middle School to continue to deliver a rich, adaptive and varied curriculum that enables all children to be curious and motivated learners
  • For all children to be soundly equipped to fulfil their aspirations – whether that  may be to follow an academic route and attend the most competitive universities, or to directly enter apprenticeships and careers after finishing compulsory education. Westley will provide the life and study skills to empower all children
  • For Westley Middle School to maintain a secure ‘good’ rating from OFSTED and then work towards ‘outstanding’
  • For Westley Middle School to consistently perform above national average scores in year 6 SATs
  • For Westley Middle School to be a notable contributor to the Unity Schools Partnership Trust and education in Suffolk, with leaders and teachers visiting us to see exemplary practice
  • For Westley Middle School to be an outward-facing school delivering CPD to other schools – locally and nationally – and conducting well-evidenced research projects for the benefit of Westley and beyond
  • For Westley Middle School to be the ‘first choice’ for all parents from our catchment and its surrounding communities
  • For all staff to continue to love being a valued member of Westley Middle School community, to reach their full professional potential and to do so with a smile on their faces.

Key Themes for 2022-23

Every year we review and reflect upon our strengths and areas for development as a team, and I work with senior staff and governors to write a school improvement plan. This year the key priorities on the school improvement plan are as follows:

  • For standards across the school to remain high despite the school closing at the end of the academic year.
  • For subject leaders and teachers to ensure that our curriculum is good, with all subjects being taught with knowledge rich lessons that inspire and engage children. 
  • Leaders should further develop a common pedagogical approach to meet the learning needs of the lowest 20-30% of pupils in every class. Staff must be trained in the implementation of the pedagogical toolkit and pupils’ progress through the curriculum regularly evaluated to monitor its impact.
  • For behaviour in all years to be good with students taking pride in themselves and the school.
  • For standards of writing to improve across all subjects.
  • For reading to be at the heart of our learning day. For all children to be able to be given support to make sure they read fluently and enjoy reading.

Ben Jeffery