Westley Middle School

Our Vision & Values

The Westley Vision

Westley Middle School is a special place. It is a unique school full of wonderful people. We want everyone to be `proud` to be part of Westley Middle School.

The values of potential, respect, opportunity, understanding and diversity (PROUD) are at the core of everything we do and are promoted during assemblies.

Our values are built around 5 attributes that we expect to see in all students if they are to be successful. These are below :

PotentialWe want you to reach your full potential
RespectRespect each other and the environment at all time
OpportunityMake the most of huge range of opportunities offered at Westley
UnderstandingAn understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live
DiversityTo celebrate the rich diversity we have at Westley

Our Priorities

The school’s main priority is to ensure that remarkable change happens for all of our children through being taught good and outstanding lessons all of the time. We are an ambitious school and will not let barriers get in our way. Not only do we want to improve this year, but also we want to look further into the future. The vision for the school over the next three years is as follows:

  • For Westley Middle School to secure a good rating from OFSTED and to then work towards being outstanding,
  • For Westley Middle School to consistently perform above national average scores in year 6 SATS,
  • For Westley Middle School to be a key figure within the Unity Schools Partnership Trust and Suffolk, with leaders and teachers visiting us to see exemplar practice,
  • For Westley Middle School to be an outwards facing school delivering CPD to other schools, locally and nationally, and carrying evidence research projects for the benefit of Westley and others,
  • For Westley Middle School to continue to deliver a rich and varied curriculum that enables all children to be curious and motivated learners,
  • For children who leave Westley Middle School to fulfil their dreams and aspirations, whether that be going to the top universities, getting the best jobs or whatever it is that gives them fulfilment,
  • For Westley Middle School to be the “first choice” for all parents from our catchment and its surrounding communities,
  • For everyone one who works at Westley Middle School to continue to love being here, reaching their full potential and doing this with a smile on their face.

Key Themes for 2020–21

Every year we think carefully about our strengths and areas for development and I work with senior staff and governors to write a school improvement plan. This year the key priorities on the school improvement plan include:

  • To ensure that all children are able to catch up through an extensive recovery curriculum, so coronavirus does not have a negative impact on their life chances. This is not just an academic package, but makes sure all children`s well-being is prioritised and that all children are able to access their learning through having their well-being needs met,
  • For subject leaders and teachers to ensure that our broader curriculum is exceptional, with all subjects being taught with knowledge rich lessons that inspire and engage children,
  • For behaviour in all years to be good with students taking pride in themselves and the school,
  • For reading to be at the heart of our learning day and for all children to be able to be given support to make sure they read fluently and enjoy reading.

Ben Jeffery