Westley Middle School

Our Staff

Leadership Team

Ben Jeffery
Executive Headteacher and Senco
Pip Moore (DSL)
Head of School
Fran Hart
Assistant Headteacher
Curriculum and Assessment
Natasha Conroy Associate Assistant Headteacher Head of MFL

The staff list (as of March 2023) is shown below. Responsibilities and/or titles for individual staff members are shown in brackets. Year leaders are shown with a YL.

Year & Tutor Groups

Year 6

  • 6NC Mrs Natasha Conroy (MFL) Rm 8
  • 6BB Mrs Vicky Burrows (Reading) and Mrs Gill Burbidge Rm 4
  • 6LB Mrs Lisa Burgess (PHSE/RE/ENG) Rm 15
  • Mrs Caroline Noakes YL Rm 7

Year 7

  • 7TP Miss Tracey Portway Rm 6
  • 7DY Mr Dave Young Rm14
  • 7DT Mrs Deborah Campbell-Todd Rm 2
  • 7WS Mr Mike Webb and Mrs Laura Smith Lab B
  • Mr John Reading YL (ICT)

Year 8

  • 8CC Mrs C Crichton Rm 11
  • 8EM Mr Elliott Marison Rm 1
  • 8RH Mrs Caroline Ranson and Mrs Caroline Hodge Music Rm
  • 8RR Mrs Zoe Ryder (Art) and Mr Steve Daniel (PE) YL Art Rm
  • 8AJ Mrs Alice Jenkins (PE) Rm 12

Other Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Linda Crawford (Teacher)
  • Mr Nathan Derbyshire (ECT)
  • Mrs Dianna Luke (Teacher)
  • Mrs Lucy Markey (Head of Science)

Non Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Mandy Smart (PA/Office Manager)
  • Mrs Christine Wiemer (Office Administrator)
  • Mrs Justine Weaver (Office Administrator)
  • Mrs Tracy Sewter (Finance Assistant)
  • Mrs Helen Underhill (General Assistant)
  • Mrs Val Dowsing (General Assistant)
  • Mrs Katy Thomas (Pastoral Support Manager)

  • Mr Alan Bird (Caretaker)
  • Mr George Hammerton (IT Technician)
  • Mrs Naomi Mayer (Library Manager)

  • Mrs Terri Hazelton (Before & After school Club & Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs Jane Cunningham (Assistant SENDCo, & ESLA )
  • Mrs Julie Ford (LSA)
  • Mrs Karen Fordham (LSA)
  • Mr Gary Largent (Cover Supervisor)
  • Mrs Janet Monteiro (Science Tech & LSA)
  • Miss Neve Maguire (LSA)
  • Mrs Mariana Nott (LSA)
  • Mrs Maxine Gittus (LSA)
  • Mrs Jo Denny (LSA)