Westley Middle School

Pastoral Support

The care and emotional development of our students is extremely important and we have developed a pastoral system that nurtures each child whilst keeping them safe. Our Pastoral Support Manager works closely with class teachers to ensure that students have the support and care they need, especially through any difficult times. 

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of pastoral support for Westley students that are listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any further information.

  • Well-being support from form Tutor and Head of Year
  • Drop in sessions offered by the Pastoral Support Co-ordinator
  • Fortnightly school nurse drop in sessions
  • Year 8 Captains dedicated to each class to offer guidance and support
  • Approachable Head Pupils
  • Elected student council members who listen to the voice of the students
  • School planner to assist with communication between school and home
  • E-mail contacts for all staff
  • Annual well-being surveys to identify points of action
  • Strong themes of the week to help consolidate integrity and moral values
  • Lunchtime Activity Co-ordinators to assist strong teambuilding and social skills
  • Transparent and effective rewards and sanctions policy